Why did I create this book?   

This book was created out of my own experience in unexpectedly losing my beloved 

brother due to a tragic accident. At the time of his death, he was only 33 years old,

leaving behind two young children. At age 10, his son came to live with my husband

and me. We did not know how long he would be with us, and at that time, I was spiraling

into a depression.

Although the relationship with my nephew was chartering different territory

(from fun aunt to legal guardian / parental role), we had something in common – we

were both in need of healing and we both wanted to hang onto my brother for as long as

possible. I did not want him to forget anything about him. At bedtime, he would ask me to tell him stories about my brother. Night after night, I would recall a memory or two and tell him stories about his dad. Sometimes, I would ask him to share with me some of the things he loved, missed and experienced with his dad. This was my way of helping him vent, and unbeknownst to me, it turned out that I learned more about my brother that I hadn’t known.

It was during these fragile first months, that I had the idea to create a journal for him to store his memories and to express his feelings. I wanted him to have a safe, private place to share his feelings, whenever he felt he needed to, with or without my or anyone else’s help.  From front to back, my nephew gradually filled the pages of his diary. 

Several years have passed since those painful days and nights. My nephew has since been reunited with his mother, and I now have my own son to create new memories with. Almost daily, my son asks me to tell him stories about my brother, and it helps me feel close to him.  

There have been many times where I've watched the news and heard about an untimely death of a parent, and there have been other losses in my own family and I'd wish that I was able to share the diary with them. With the encouragement of my husband, I finally put it all together for others. 

I hope that this memory journal will help your child or the child you are
gifting it to as much, if not more than it helped my nephew and me.

From my heart to yours,

Juli xo

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Treasured Memories

My Diary for Remembering & Healing