Treasured Memories

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A thoughtfully crafted book that helps children and

families cope with the loss of a loved one in a healthy way. 


My Diary For Remembering & Healing

2 Versions are available

"All About Him"  For the loss of a male.

"All About Her" For the loss of a female.

Loss of A Beloved MALE

My Diary for Remembering & Healing

Loss of A Beloved FEMALE

You are not alone in your time of grief. 
When my family experienced the tragic loss of my brother, the pain was unbearable.
Through faith, friendships & support, I found effective ways to handle my grief. This book will help you during your journey. 

Author/Creator: Juli M Halifax

Treasured Memories Juli M Halifax

​​What others have to say about Treasured Memories…

“It's helped us maintain a vivid image of our lost, loved one”

“My daughter has a safe place to share her feelings and  I like that she can draw in it”

“During difficult moments, this book has been used as a guided journal to help my kids put memories and feelings onto paper, and be able to talk about (their mother)”

Treasured Memories Diary, A grief journal for kids by Juli M Halifax

My goal is to help children & their families recover

from the loss of someone they love and miss.

Treasured Memories has pages that prompt writing about feelings

and memories. There are pages for drawing, photographs & more.